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Kidney infections are a type of urinary tract infection (UTI) affecting the urethra and spreading up to the kidneys. They are considered an acute condition and usually require immediate medical attention, as the infection can cause permanent damage to the kidneys or enter the bloodstream and become life-threatening. Most cases of kidney infection have a […]

Wheat intolerance is a condition in which the body has difficulty digesting wheat and wheat products. A person with wheat intolerance experiences chronic symptoms such as joint pain, digestive problems, eczema, depression, and low levels of iron. It is often confused with wheat allergy, a more acute condition triggered by a certain component of wheat […]

Like many other conditions, diabetes can be hard to diagnose because its symptoms are often mistaken for other problems. This is especially true with women, as they tend to write off any discomfort as part of their menstrual cycle or a hormonal imbalance. While it’s not ideal to call the doctor for every symptom, it’s […]

Snoring is merely an annoying habit to most people, something that may take away a few minutes of sleep but isn’t really any cause for concern. In most cases, that’s true—although for a small percentage of snorers the problem runs a little deeper. Snoring tends to increase with age and is more likely in people […]

LASIK (laser in situ keratomileusis) involves reshaping the cornea using a special laser directed under the corneal flap. The procedure corrects vision errors and is most likely used to replace the use of glasses or contact lenses. Its development is credited to Greek ophthalmologist Ioannis Pallikaris, who introduced it in 1991. Although highly effective, LASIK […]