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Research has long proven—and continues to prove—that fruits and vegetables are staples in a healthy diet. It’s not just for weight loss, but also for avoiding disease and increasing energy. The benefits of fruits and vegetables are no secret, but it’s surprisingly hard to work them into a day’s meals, especially for people who don’t […]

For many, aging isn’t so much about the wrinkles and age spots—the physical signs of the passage of time—than it is about the mental deterioration that comes with getting old. Fortunately, scientists have found ways to counteract the latter, if only temporarily. Certain foods have been found to help boost brain power even in older […]

Protein shakes have long been associated with weight gain—athletes use them to gain muscle and body-builders attribute their unmistakable bulk to high protein intake. So it’s a little strange that companies are now peddling protein shakes for weight loss—the exact opposite of what they’re known to do. Surprisingly, there’s real science supporting this claim. So […]

Staying on track when you’re on a diet is hard—just ask anyone who’s been on a weight loss plan. The reason so many people fail is that they associate weight loss with huge amount of sacrifice. As a result, they are predisposed to dislike anything that’s part of a diet, even if it’s perfectly good […]

Tea aficionados and weight loss buffs have a common interest in oolong tea, a Chinese tea whose name means “black dragon.” For years, it has been touted as the safest weight loss supplement, owing to the fact that it’s made from completely natural ingredients and can be consumed every day without any side effects. Oolong […]